Summary of FAE Auditor Results for Illinois

Total websites: 467

Total pages: 25,932

Feature Percent Websites Description
Landmarks >10% Websites using landmarks
Headings ~50% Websites using hidden and/or empty headings (e.g. not in an accessible way), maybe being used to satisfy FAE 1.1 without understanding access
Styling/Content ~50% Websites having some color contrast issues
Images >50% Websites are missing ALT attribute on images
Links >98% Websites have no accessible name for some links (probably Facebook and other social media links)
Tables ~70% Websites with tables not being identified for layout or data; and most data tables have problems
Forms ~50% Websites with missing labels for form controls
Widgets/Scripting ~50% Websites with onClick and mouse events on non-interactive elements (e.g. div or span element) and have no widget ROLE describing their behavior or keyboard support
Audio/Video ~25% Websites that may have some type of media content
Keyboard Support ~%50 Websites with widget roles that do not have keyboard event handlers