Primary Developers

Jon Gunderson, Illinois
Project coordinator
OAA evaluation library software development
Software developer for FAE 2.0
Nicholas Hoyt, Illinois
Conceptual model for accessibility evaluation
Interaction designer for AInspector, Bookmarklets and FAE 2.0
Software developer for AInspector Sidebar and Bookmarklets

Other Contributors

Pramod Joshi, AITS
Software developer for fae-util
Jeff Heckel, AITS
Software developer for fae-util
Landi Lark, Pixo
Software development and design of Bookmarklets
Christy Blew, Illinois
Software testing
Lori Lane, Illinois
Software testing

Previous Contributors

Prasanna Bale, Illinois Technology Services
Software development of FAE 1.1 and AInspector for Firebug
Garrett Smith, Wisconsin DO-IT
Software development for FAE 2.0