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Rule ID Rule Description Website Fail Website Pass Impl. Score Comments
Landmark 1 Each page must have at least one main landmark, used to identify the main content. 198 79 46
  • Most basic ARIA Landmark feature to help people identify and navigate to the main content of a web page.
Landmark 2 All rendered content must be placed inside of container elements with appropriate ARIA landmark roles. 254 23 53
  • Shows that designers have considered the functional regions of their web resources.
  • Rule is easily fooled by placing random or creating non-functional landmarks.
Control 1 Each input, select, textarea, progress, meter and output element must have an accessible label. 172 78 70
  • The credit card processing services used by the University do not meet pass this requirement.
  • This should always be 100% after all these years of being required.
Control 3 A related group of radio buttons must have a grouping label. 40 13 41
  • Shows more advanced consideration of accessibility of forms.
  • Simple to implement.
Keyboard 1 Widget elements must have keyboard event handlers. 135 9 27
  • Indicates the lack of understanding of the keyoard support required in using ARIA widget roles.